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Our Mission

Our mission at Soqqle is connecting people with originality, ingenuity and imagination.

Solution focused

We move from problem to solution through an iterative and responsive process, constantly changing based on new information that evolves around us. 


We believe in highly motivated, tenacious and expect a great sense of duty with people we work with. We believe in setting sights to a goal and making a commitment to fulfill it with quality.


We are a learning-based organization. We believe in finding sources of knowledge all around us. We approach knowledge with curiosity and share information.


Here are our job openings.
Research Assistant

Design experiments, plan and coordinate data collection, analysis and dissemination. 

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Developer / System Analyst

Support, develop our app from design to build. 

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Project, Product Coordinator / Manager

Coordinate overall technology project activities from start to finish. 

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STEM Internship

Summer / Winter internships in a technology capacity from development to data analysis.

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Startup Culture

In big companies where you may be a small cog in a big system, you can only do one thing well and grow that career ladder. That dosen't work in a technology startup as no one truly knows how to do our solution well. If there was, there wouldn't be startups! 

In our case, a blank slate is often better. The main requirement? An open and self-driven learning minded person.

Technology startups are rewarding.

In a startup like ours, we are much more agile than a big firm. It will thus be much more attractive if you have or are developing an entrepreneurial flair. You will have a bigger stake in our company's focus, and can demonstrate way more vibrancy and innovation.

We are also way more flexible because the startup environment is dynamic and fast paced, requiring tasks to adapt to changing requirements. This helps you to broaden your skills and experience for the future.

Our roadmap

Soqqle is a social learning company focusing on mobile, web solutions that helps people to better connect with each other and grow towards the future.



Soqqle focuses on a mobile app to help youths learn better through interactive and engaging video assessments. Educators gain learning analytics. Studies show an increase to collective efficacy.
Our plan is to develop state of the art learning predictions system for content sharing. 


A way for educators to distribute content in a more interactive and immersive way compared to age old web or mobile platforms. In older 3D environments, content is static and hard to customise. An education Metaverse 2.0 will be teacher generated and hyper-connected. 


Our integrated solutions will allow users to cross online to offline through cross-discipline engagements in different settings from retail to real-estate.

Daniel Shen, CEO

Current infrastructure connects people on a superficial level. If only we could better connect through deeper passion and goals to better create for the future.

What would that world look like?


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