Student generated videos can now be managed better.

Soqqle consolidates all content into a single place, embedded with feedback features and social learning engagement analytics.


Increase your online class engagement with 21st century learning pedagogies that drive discourse and inquiry.

21st century learning

A shift in 21st century skill needs has led to increasing focus on meta-cognitive driven pedagogies like critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and innovation. Generally speaking, 21st century skills can be applied in all academic subject areas, and in all educational, career, and civic settings throughout a student’s life.

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Is the purpose of public education to get students to pass a test and earn a high school diploma? Or is the purpose to prepare students for success in higher education and modern careers?

Client 1 Vv.Aa., 21st century skills by the glossary of education reform
Social learning theory

Social Learning

Today, peer interactions are increasingly taking place via social media platforms. They are subject to the theory of social learning that indicates that a person's behavior is shaped by the social environment and by observing others, and is directed by reinforcement or rewards. Studies show that introducing social learning can increase collaboration and learning satisfaction - eventually leading to self-efficacy.

In order to succeed, people need a sense of self-efficacy, to struggle together with resilience to meet the inevitable obstacles and inequities of life..

Client 2 Albert Bandura, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning maximizes learning through self-regulated experimentation. It can be achieved through the use of learning spaces that encourage conversation, reflecting, thinking, and the development of expertise. Soqqle encourages knowledge exchange and peer interactions for concept development. You can design activites for experiential learning.

experential learning

Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience.

Client 3 David Kolb, Emeritus Professor, Weatherhead School of Management

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When to use Soqqle?

Soqqle can be used for multiple use cases across different disciplines. A key requirement is that the topic requires discourse, critical thinking and preferably some form of presentation.

Language learning
Ever wish you could listen to every student speak in the classroom but physically its not possible? It is with videos.
Business communication
Want a way to help to train and give feedback to student presentations but never had a good way to capture them? You can with videos.
It is not possible to review student learning in the laboratory sessions due to physical constraints. Videos is a great way here.
Learning geography with textbooks and it's pictures is extremely un-inspirational. Ask students to explore places can capture videos and pictures!
What is worse then learning history from textbooks? Memorizing them! Encourage video creation of historic events and discuss with comments.
Gamification-style topics
Age-old boring topics can be brought alive. Set up buyer/seller roleplay simulations for sustainability or economics challenges using video postings.

We help lecturers to create socially engaging classrooms.

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Getting started

Download Soqqle, create a class tag, share it with your students and kickstart tasks. At the end, review them on a web dashboard.

1. Setup

Download Soqqle here. Tap on create a tag and key in a private class tag. Each class requires a unique tag in order for content to be segregated.

2. Distribute

Prepare your class instructions by cloning from this template and editing it with your task details. Share it with your students via your existing communication channels (email, lms, or chat).

3. Manage tasks

Ensure your students complete their tasks, and supporting for any enquiries.

4. Review

Review the media content from your students and give feedback (requires login) via the online web portal . Check the analytics and plan the next task accordingly.


It's important to plan for a scalable way to manage your activities. Thats why its important to plan it in accordance to academic research - specifically on experiential learning.

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