Why Classlet?

Soqqle Edu produces social learning technology

  • To help teachers increase learning engagement inside and outside the classroom
  • To better engage and inspire students
  • For 21st century skills like problem solving, collaboration, and creative thinking

Our Strategic technology

create authentic learning

Authoring tool
customise content and scene

Learning analysis
review student learning activity

Authoring tool

Our metaverse learning application offers teachers an easy and effortless way to upload their educational content with just a simple spreadsheet of a specific format. The teachers can customise and update the content in real-time with ease, using a user-friendly web dashboard. This allows for a reduced effort in managing and updating the content, while still delivering a wealth of educational resources for students.

General Info

To create a question, provide the question, question type, and description

Answer Options

For multiple choice questions, add at least 2 and up to 5 answer options

Answer Response

Add the response for each option


You can upload images related to the question and its responses

Get to know how it works in education

Metaverse in education

Immersive Learning Environment

Metaverse's immersive, interactive learning helps students understand the topic

Flexibility and Sustainability

Metaverse offers accessibility and convenience for students, flexible extracurricular use for teachers

Enhance Engagement and Motivation

Metaverse enhances learning with dynamic, engaging environment

The Features


Convert your content into dialogic conversations using non-player characters

Multiple Choices options

Use multiple choice options to provide varying experiences to students

Text Input

Use text input for capturing open-ended answers to your questions


Students have to explore and learn to find out if the statement is true or false


Students drag & drop the image to the corresponding categories


Video can be integrated into dialogues for interesting content


Voice recordings can be supported as a audio task

Course Topics

Ways that you can use Classlet.


User feedback

I use Soqqle for sustainability education. It is the best way for helping me to track and view the evidence / audit of student work. Students report that they gain new ideas and perspectives when they watch content of peers during assessments


Assistant Professor, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

I've always been excited about the use of technology in my classrooms. When i heard how Soqqle can motivate students for language learning, i was pleased to use it.


Lecturer, Prasetiya University, Indonesia


How do i start?

Please contact us for more information on how you can create stories, and dialogues for your classes.

How can i collaborate for research?

If you are an educator that you think you can use Soqqle for your classes, and would like to collaborate with us, please reach out to us.

How are the costs involved?

Besides subscription to handle processing costs, customization costs of scenes and objects to fit your requirements are also considered.

Reach out to us



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